Kevin & Lynette

We joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1984. We have worked in Guatemala,
Dallas, TX, and Indonesia. In Guatemala we did sociolinguistic survey, some
Bible story translation, administration, language learning coaching for new
incoming missionaries, and teaching at the local university. In Indonesia, we
served with Indonesian Christians who wanted to translate the Bible with
groups in Indonesia who didn’t have Scripture in their language. Since none
of them knew what language group they’d be working with, we designed a
course on how to learn any language they were dropped into, without
schools, language books, and possibly even people who spoke any language
that the trainees knew. We taught our Indonesian Bible translation students
linguistics and language learning and also served as administrative and
language programs consultants. In Dallas we taught linguistics, helped
establish a graduate institute for Bible translation training, and completed
our Masters Degrees in Linguistics. For 13 years, Kevin has been doing
Career Guidance with missionaries in transition from one position to another
within Wycliffe, and Lynette has been teaching ESL for international college
students at Dallas Baptist University.
Last year Kevin accepted a role as Director of People Development. He
oversees the manager of the Career Guidance team, and works in the area
of Staff Development, working with the team to train Wycliffe staff and
design and implement training for new managers.
COVID was an adjustment for Kevin as he had to leave his office and work
from home, where Lynette had already moved into teaching her ESL classes
online. Kevin had been working through Skype and Zoom before COVID hit
since the people on his team lived in different areas of the U.S. He was able
to keep his team together and they continued to support Wycliffe
missionaries who were changing jobs in Wycliffe. He has just returned to
working in the Wycliffe office in Dallas, having gotten his COVID