On the First Friday of every month I speak at a Service with a Pastor friend. We plan on beginning a weekly small group in September.

Churches and Christians invite me to teach about the relevance and importance of Israel and the Feasts. All Scripture (Genesis – Revelation) is inspired by God and this includes books like Leviticus which introduce us to the Appointed Times of the Lord or the Feasts of the Lord.

Jesus is the fulfillment of every feast and since I was raised Jewish I help Christians see Jesus in the Old Testament. When I teach about Israel I show how God is faithful to keep every promise He makes to His children.

I also teach Christians how to share the Good News of Messiah with Jewish people. In Romans 11 Paul teaches that God has not rejected His people and that ultimately Jewish people will accept God’s salvation so he calls Christians to provoke Jewish people to jealousy.

During COVID I took classes on Graphics Design since a picture is worth a thousand words. I also took classes on Instructional Design to learn how to create interactive Bible Studies in Power Point.

On the Home Page of my website I have a video of me reading a new Hebrew Word every week. I also include a short video teaching for people to watch.