Steve & Bronwen

What we do in New Orleans

1. We direct the work of Youth with A Mission (YWAM) in New Orleans.

2. We oversee various ministries in the city. We have a Crisis Pregnancy Center that Bronwen is directing. It was next to the busiest abortion clinic in the state, and we located there to provide help to the many girls that were seeking help during their pregnancy. We provide counseling, Ultrasound testing, baby clothes and diapers and wipes. We also do adoption and post abortion Counseling. Our center is 40 years old next year and we have seen hundreds (if not thousands) of babies born. Often, we lead people to the Lord, and they have a personal relationship with Jesus. Our YWAM staff serve at the center along with believers from the local churches in our area

3. Drug Rehab. We started and ran a small residential drug rehab in the city. It was called Hope House. We operated for about 15 years until Hurricane Katrina destroy much of the city. We never reopened that ministry but have used the facilities for training of young people in a discipleship training school. We previous ran another drug rehab in New Jersey with Youth with A Mission. I mention this because we both came to Christ later and our teens and 20’s after using drugs. We were miraculously saved from a hippie and drug lifestyles over 45 years ago.

4. Teams and Evangelism Ministry

We host mission teams from churches around the U.S. who come to engage in evangelism and outreach to our needy city. Much of this takes place during the summer and spring break. God has given us houses in the city to house several teams a week.

We host many YWAM training school outreach that stay longer with us and help us with our regular outreach to the city.

5. Evangelism

Kids Club – We have a weekly program with the kids in one of our city’s poor housing projects.

We do crafts, sports and regular Bible teaching. These kids are special to us and often find Jesus. We mentor as much as we are able. Pray for us and these kids because there is a lot of violence, drugs and gangs that we want to the Kids to escape.

Homeless ministry – Under our bridges there are hundreds of homeless. We bring food and witness to them on a regular basis.

Neighborhood ministry – We give our free coffee from our 100-cup coffee maker and put up a sign up saying free prayer. People come and get prayed for and some receive Jesus.

Last year there were several tragic murders several blocks from one our YWAM locations. We went to that location with coffee and prayer. People flocked to talk to us, and we prayed for them. The neighborhood is tired of the senseless violence and the loss of their friends through senseless shootings. They respond to Good News and the hope of the Gospel.